Welcome To The Ham Radio Live! Website

Our hobby is a fun, theoretical and practical hobby where every day can be different or you can discover something new or find something you didn't yet know.

It can be used for making contacts and new friends, locally, nationally, worldwide or even in space, using anything from small devices to very large or even dish-antenna's, using prebuilt or homebrew devices, filling the silent gaps while commuting or when feeling lonely and discuss anything technical with like-minded or 'elmering' new-comers to the hobby, sharing experiences

There can be something in it for everyone as you can use speech (either analog or digital), but if you might be mike-shy, you can use Morse code (which is an Intangible Cultural Heritage now), use SSTV to communicate using pictures or use the countless digital modes like FT8 - just contacting people without further communications - or the other way around with RTTY, PSK or similar modes, and 'talk' using tekst-messages that way - this can even be used for (communicating with) the hearing impaired. You can be part of emergency nets if required. In case of a natural disaster (like earthquakes, hurricanes) or technical issue (like emergency number being down or unreachable, big power outages), with amateur radio you'll be able to communicate and maybe even save lifes that way.

What about just be in the nature outside and activate parks or summits (mountain peaks) and make contacts from park to park, summit to summit or activate Islands. Or... Just having a casual chat from time to time...

It is all up to you!

Also music is BACK on Shortwave!

Classic Hits From The 70’s & 80’s OTH Radio, powered By Icom is heard worldwide on Shortwave Station WRMI. Hear “Top 40 Radio” the way it used to be! We even have an “All Request Show” on the last weekend of every month! Your song request can be from ANY DECADE! It just needs to be a “Hit Record!”

You can also get a very SPECIAL EQSL card for hearing the show from where you live! Send EQSL Requests (with information about what you heard on the show) AND make song requests at: OTHRequests@gmail.com

OTH Radio Worldwide Broadcast Schedule:

Australia/New Zealand/ Pacific Rim: Fridays at 09:00 UTC on 7780 KHz.

Europe/Africa/Middle East: Saturdays at 12:00 UTC on 15770 KHz.

North America: Saturdays at 10:00pm Eastern/7:00pm Pacific on 9395 KHz.